Diversity Analysis Outline

20% ANALYSIS OF ORGANIZATION (Length: 5-6 Pages) This is a team project. Each team (3-5 members) will be required to prepare a paper and present on an approved organization (listed below). 

1. Task. Your task in this assignment is to examine an organization that has had a problem/issue with managing diversity and/or inclusiveness.

Within the context of this assignment, problem can be defined as charges of discriminationgender, race, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Or, the organization may be struggling with how to manage diversity and inclusion effectively.

You must include at least five outside sources, and they should represent a variety of types of sources (not web-sources only).  2. Companies. – Our assigned company is the NFL (discrimination: African American head coaches) 

3. Part One  The first section of your paper is a description of the problem(s) and how the problem(s) developed in this company. Was it over a long period of time, or did the problem emerge through one specific incident? Be sure to use details in your discussion.  In this section, describe all of the different methods the company used to manage its problem. Describe, in detail, how the company dealt with the complexities of the situation. In addition, describe the companys current status.  4. Part Two Use your own expertise to analyze the situation (you do not need to answer all of these questions in your essay; use them to guide your thought process).  What could the company have done differently? How could they have avoided this problem?  What did they do effectively/ineffectively?  What strategies should the company have implemented to manage the diversity and/or inclusion problem/crisis?  Has the company really recovered? If so, how and if not, why not?

  Does the crisis represent a leadership problem, and/or the management problem? 

While examining the specific diversity/inclusion case, utilize the textbooks material as a FRAMEWORK for your analysis. Specifically, integrate the diversity/inclusion management paradigms as found in the texts (i.e. resistance, discrimination-and-fairness, access-and-legitimacy, and integration-and-learning, and intercultural incompetence) as a theoretical framework for your discussion.  Note: Section One and Section Two should reflect a coherent, balanced discussion.

You may write the two sections separately, or you may INTEGRATE the two sections. 

5. Sources. When looking for an article that interests you, there are many magazines and academic journals from which to choose:

DiversityInc. Magazine, HR Executive, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, Harvard Business Review, etc. Furthermore, you may be able to find an interesting article in a local or national newspaper.

Remember the helpful resource of diversity Web sites: vault.com, workindex.com, diversityinc.com, etc. 

6. Referencing. Be sure to define the concepts that you incorporate from the textbooks by clearly and accurately quoting or paraphrasing. When you do any type of referencing (quoting or paraphrasing borrowed material), you must use APA style manual