do you think the world faces an overpopulation problem at present?

do you think the world faces an overpopulation problem at present?
Assignment 2: Demographic Disparities between More and Less Developed Countries and Overpopulation
Read the course notes in module 2 about population and land, chapter 2 of your textbook, and other relevant websites to write a 500+ word essay (minimum 3 pages, double-spaced excluding graphs and tables) comparing the demographic (population) patterns between less developed and more developed countries.
Address the following questions in your essay:
1) Compare and contrast Less Developed Countries (LDCs) and More Developed Countries (MDCs) in terms of birth and death rates, population growth rates, average number of children per women (Total Fertility Rate), age-sex structure (percentage of young, working, and old population), and stage in the demographic transition using real world examples (countries). Population data and population pyramids for 2 countries of your choice can be extracted from the following websites:
a) Which country has a more rapidly growing population, and which has a stable or declining population? Explain the factors that contribute to population growth or decline.
b) Describe the age-structure of the population for both countries as depicted in the population pyramids. Explain why the shapes of the pyramids for the two countries are different or the same?
c) Which one has a large concentration of young people, and which one has a large concentration of old citizens? Explain the reasons and the economic and social implications of having large concentrations of young or old people in a country.
d) At what stage (s) of the demographic transition are the more and less developed countries of your choice at present and when will they move to the next stage of the demographic transition?
e) Using the 2 countries of your choice as case studies, discuss the main population problem (s) facing LDCs and MDCs. Propose two relevant population control measures or policies that can be adopted to solve the population problems you identified.
2) Do you think the world faces an overpopulation problem at present? What do you think would happen if all countries consumed resources at the rate of the United States?
Helpful Instructions:
Please use the United Nations Human Development Index (link below) to select one LDC and one MDC of your choice. Choose one country with very high human development (HDI > 0.8) and one country with low human development (HDI < 0.55) and use them as an example to illustrate the demographic differences between MDcs and LDCs. Examples: Mali and Germany, Haiti and Norway. Click the following link for the list of MDCs and LDCs: Also, please note that you should gather and compile population data and pyramids from the aforementioned websites and use the population data and the population pyramids to compare and contrast the population characteristics of the two countries at different levels of development. Please paste the population pyramids that you extracted from the above websites and other graphics (tables, charts, photographs, maps, etc.) into the body of your essay. Key Words: Crude Birth Rate (CBR), Crude Death Rate (CDR), Natural Increase Rate (NIR), Age-sex structure, Total Fertility Rate (TFR), Life Expectancy, Dependency Ratio, Aging Population, Population Pyramid, Demographic Transition, and Human Development Index (HDI).