Does the organization seem well planned?

Outside Speech Analysis Paper Page Length: 5-7 pages (not including references or cover page) Due Date: June 17 by 11:59 PM to Canvas For this assignment, you will watch a speech of your choosing (outside of class) and prepare a comprehensive description and evaluation of the speaker’s content, organization, and delivery (5-6 page paper). The speech you choose should be available via video or audio (and, if you can

also get a transcript of the speech, that would be great!). It can be current or historical, although avoid “popular” historical speeches (such as any from Martin Luther King, Jr. or John F. Kennedy, for example). The speech you choose should be at least 5 minutes long. Don’t pick one that is overly long, as it will be too much to analyze. A good place to start to look for a speech is at American Rhetoric and their Online Speech Bank: You can also find speeches by searching political web sites,, youtube, google video, etc. The speech you choose for this paper must be approved by me in advance. For this approximately 5-7 page paper, use the criteria below as a guide in writing your analysis. Remember to critique specifically content, organization, and delivery, and point out both strengths and weaknesses of each. Grading criteria:  Paper should have a cover page with the speech title and web link (where I can go to

view the speech) included. (Your cover page is not part of the 5-7 page length.)  Paper thoroughly critiques three general areas of the chosen speech: content, organization and delivery; criteria (below) is used as a guide for the analysis.  Critique is specific and avoids an overly general evaluation (“delivery was good” is not a sufficient critique).  Specific examples from the speech of content, organization, and delivery are cited in the paper.  Both strengths and weaknesses are noted within each area (content, organization, delivery).  Paper is well organized and displays college level writing. Be sure your paper is written clearly and has been edited for proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics. (If you struggle with the mechanics of writing, I strongly recommend you take a draft of your paper to the Writing Center for help.)  Any sources used (e.g., our textbook or other sources) are correctly cited using APA or MLA format. Consider the following in writing the speech analysis: Content:  What kind of speech are you analyzing (informative, persuasive, commemorative)? What is the purpose/topic of the

speech?  Is the speech adapted to the audience for which it is intended?  Are the main ideas clear in the speech?  Are the main ideas fully developed/supported? If evidence or sources are used, be sure to critique how the speaker incorporates such evidence.  Is the content of the introduction/conclusions complete and clear for the speech? Does the speaker have an effective attention getter and “clincher” at the end?  How is language used in the speech? Is it accurate, clear, appropriate, and/or vivid? Organization:  Is there a clear introduction, body and

conclusion?  Is the speech easy to follow? Does the organization seem well planned? What organizational pattern is being utilized?  Does the speaker use effective transitions to move from one point to the next? Delivery – Critique the speaker on the following delivery elements:  Eye contact  Body orientation, gestures, movement  Vocal aspects (articulation, pauses, vocal variety, rate, volume, etc)  Visual aids (if used)  Enthusiasm  How well does the speaker deliver the speech via the mode of delivery (extemporaneous, memorized, or manuscript (or teleprompter) speaking)?