Effective transitions between and within paragraphs

Effective transitions between and within paragraphs
APA formatting for the document, including an appropriately formatted title page and references page
A thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph
An introduction paragraph that establishes the issue
Well-developed paragraphs that include evidence from sources to support your argument for a specific change in your community
Effective transitions between and within paragraphs
A conclusion paragraph that brings the essay to an effective close
Four credible sources appropriate for academic writing should be cited within the text of the essay; at least one of the cited sources should be either a book/ebook or a periodical article, preferably from the Purdue Global Library
All cited sources need to have full citations on a references page (except for any interviews you conduct, which only require in-text citations)
Standard English and a formal tone throughout the writing (e.g., stay in third-person voice, avoid slang, etc.)
A strong and well-supported argument will be at least 3–4 pages, not including the title page and references page
I will attach my rough outline that includes my thesis statment as well as some of the sources I have found.
Baker, L. S., Smith, W., Gulley, T., & Tomann, M. M. (2020). Community Perceptions of Comprehensive Harm Reduction Programs and Stigma Towards People Who Inject Drugs in Rural Virginia. Journal of Community Health, 45(2), 239–244. https://doi-org.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/10.1007/s10900-019-00732-8
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Revised Thesis: The town of Mt. Gilead should provide access to drug counseling resources for individuals that are struggling with addiction because the drug epidemic has deteriorated general public safety of the community and has left addicts with no reasonable way of seeking help.
Main Point 1: Drug counseling resources allow individuals struggling with addiction to have access to assistance with getting clean.
Main Point 2: Drug addiction can cause public safety issues such as; Dirty needles being disposed of in public areas, Increased crime rates, and user overdoses as well as unintentional overdoses.
Main Point 3: Children that grow up in homes with drug addicted parents are at higher risk of abuse, neglect and having poor living conditions.
Main Point 4 Rival Perspective: Communities should provide safe consumption spaces for addicts to have access to clean needles and on site medical staff prepared with narcan.