English final essay

Please review my feedback right here https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c3neqbVDgpN English 12                                                                                Winter 2022 Final Draft | Publishing!  Instructions  Read through this entire document  Essay Draft 6 (Final Draft) | Publishing Your Essay – You are going to upload to Turnitin Essay | Draft 5: Final Draft: Publishing! by Sunday Feb 13. This is a firm deadline. Make sure you do the final reflection! In Draft 1 of your essay, you told a story about your own (or someone elses) education that highlighted an issue of educational justice (or injustice). In Draft 2 you took a step back from the story to clearly and explicitly argue the point of your story. In Draft 3 you found overlapping ideas from 1-2 class texts and incorporated textual discussion into your paper. In Draft 4 you worked exclusively on tightening your paper and revising. In Draft 5, you integrated research in support of the points you are making in this essay. In Draft 6 (Final Draft), you will write a thoughtful conclusion and extend and deepen all aspects of your essay. For Draft 6, the FINAL DRAFT, you will refine all aspects of your essay in order to make it as clear, organized, and as interesting as possible. Draft 6 is your final opportunity to make sure that your essay is as strong, clear, and convincing, and you will compose an interesting, reflective, and thoughtful conclusion.  1. Before you work on the final draft, you will get feedback from a tutor from the KCC Writing Center (Writing Studio # 9: Instructions). When you begin to revise, carefully review the feedback you received from the tutor at the KCC Writing Center and use those suggestions to guide your work on the final draft/draft 6.  2. Write an interesting, reflective, and thoughtful conclusion. The conclusion is a really important part of the essay. It is where you leave your last impression on your reader. In your conclusion, sum up what youve written in the paper. Discuss why you think youve made a good case for your point and what you think you want your reader to take away after reading the paper. Perhaps you might even make a suggestion to your reader about how they might help bring attention to this educational injustice or help correct the educational injustice.  3. Remove any bold text in the essay. This is the final draft and the essay should be clean, polished and ready for an audience. 4. Remix your paper into a flier, poster, social media post (see instructions here).  5. Please use the following as an essay checklist BEFORE you submit Draft 6. If you answer NO to any of the questions, please go back and revise before submitting.  Have you removed the bolded font and is your essay neat and clear? Does your essay have an original, interesting title that hints at the main point of your essay? Does your essay follow correct MLA paper format? Do all of your quotes and paraphrases have correct MLA in-text citations? Do you have a complete and correct Works Cited? Do your paragraphs have clear topic sentences and make a point related to your thesis? Do you have clear transitions between the paragraphs? Do you discuss a class text in your essay and does it support your main argument? Do you cite at least one credible research source? Is your main point crystal clear?  Do you conclude your paper in a way that wraps up what youve discussed throughout the essay?  Have you used spell and grammar check to correct any errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar? Have you reached the target length of 6 – 8 pages? Did you reflect on your writing process at the end of the final draft? Is the format correct? Have a proper heading, double spaced, and one inch margins on all sides.  4. IMPORTANT: At the bottom of your essay, type in the word REFLECTION and write at least two paragraphs (250-400 words) reflecting on the process of writing this essay. Use the following questions to guide you: 1. How has this essay changed over the many drafts? Be specific. 2. What challenges did you face in writing this essay?  3. Are you proud of how this essay developed over time? What specifically are you proud of? 4. What would you change if you continued working on this paper? 5. Do you have any feedback for me on this assignment? Did you like it? Hate it? Wish it were different in some way? For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now