Essay #2: Compare/Contrast

Thoroughly respond to the following prompt:
Write a 1,000-word comparative essay that analyzes the perspectives held by Lane Wallace
in “Do Sports Helmets Help or Hurt?” and Nate Jackson in “The N.F.L.’s Head Cases”
regarding the use of helmets. What is the crux of the disagreement? What values, priorities,
interests, or fears drive the disagreement on the topic? What brings them together? Be sure
to briefly summarize the readings first before stating your thesis. Include sufficient textual
evidence to support your points.
Essay Requirements:
Essay must be at least 1,000 words (not including the Works Cited page). Please include the
word count in your heading.
Works Cited page is required and must, like the rest of the essay, follow MLA format.
Your essay must be submitted on Canvas by the deadline.
Essay Evaluation:
Before turning in your essay, make sure your essay abides by the four basic features of this
☐ An Informative Explanation
☐ A Clear, Logical Organization
☐ Smooth Integration of Sources
☐ Appropriate Explanatory Strategies