explain how one goes about joining the subculture.

Your project is to create a booklet, brochure, leaflet, or pamphlet intended to help new members of your subculture

REAL ESTATE INVESTING navigate the unfamiliar waters of a new activity, social setting and group.

Firstly, explain how one goes about joining the subculture.

How does an outsider get into the subculture?

What does one need to know before entry;

what prior knowledge is required or helpful?

Where does one locate the subculture?

Is the subculture open to all, or are there requirements or limitations placed on entry?

Are there any artifacts or objects that one must have prior to entering the subculture?

Next, jot down key words from your fieldsite and informants, and look through your interview and observational notes to identify insider language. Try to collect as much insider language as possible (at least 10-15 words).

Do you notice certain everyday words being used in new ways? Are there words or names for things that are entirely new to you?
PLEASE INCLUDE THE WORDS cash flow,deals,tenant,Rehab,

The word/term definitions are *not* the dictionary definition of the word, but a cultural definition of the word that explains its meaning within your particular subculture, which is to say, explores and explains how members of the subculture interpret and understand the word/phrase/language.

Then, think about the stories that are common in your subculture, stories that members of the subculture tell about themselves (like college students pulling an all-nighter or an archer robin-hooding an arrow).

What unfamiliar stories might a new member to the subculture hear that will be unfamiliar to them? What messages do these stories send to other members of the subculture when they are exchanged (usually reinforcing some subcultural orthodoxy or belief)?

When you’ve finished collecting your words and stories, you will compose A Newbie’s Guide to Entry and a Dictionary of Relevant Language,

Stories, and Terms for your subculture that will include a guide to new entry into the subculture, as well as the language and stories a new

member will need to understand in order to fully participate in this subculture.

Your booklet, brochure, leaflet, or pamphlet will include:

A. Guide to New Entry Into REAL ESTATE INVESTING
B. A Dictionary of Relevant Cultural Terms (10 words minimum).
C. A Glossary of Common Stories and Their Meanings/Messages to Members.