Explain how the research adds to the topic what was learned?

Part 3 involves presenting the topic in an *extended elevator pitch. Presentation must be completed before 11:59 pm Sunday May 29th It can be useful to be able to explain your research to someone quickly and concisely – perhaps to receive funding, or to receive a job… We are using an extended elevator pitch. That is, typical elevator pitches are 45-90 seconds corresponding to a 1-2 floor elevator ride. Our project uses an

*extended version of the elevator pitch, requiring a 3-5 minute presentation corresponding to a 5-6 floor elevator ride, including the time waiting for the elevator. Your presentation needs to describe your topic present how the topic was explored (what sort of research was used?) explain

how the research adds to the topic (what was learned?) discuss why the topic is important to you. be longer than 2 minutes and shorter than 5 minutes. If you do not present in class, then you must record your presentation and upload the file of the recording in Blackboard. For your

submission, you are Required to upload the recording as a file in Blackboard. Not as a link to a file stored elsewhere. This is necessary due to oversight and tracking needs of the College. That is, the file must be in the course room since the file while not expire or disappear, an external

link can disappear…or be changed at anytime. You can use a: PowerPoint presentation that you record as you present your topic Or Create a video in Kaltura of you presenting Or Film yourself presenting with your phone Or Use a Google tool Or Some other digital recording option…