Explain the conflict or issue(s) seen in the case study

Directions For this assessment, you will participate in a group debate across several weeks and then write an individual report on what you learned. During the debate, you will seek to influence others on the best group-decision making tool. You will see a few sets of directions below. In Weeks 2, 3 and 4, you will participate in a debate with assigned group members. In Week 5, you will independently write a report about group

decision making tools and what you learned from your interactions with your group members. Part 1: This week, you will individually complete a written narrative at least 500 words in length, using the information you have learned about group decision-making from your interaction with

your group members. The narrative will evaluate the various decision-making tools. It will also analyze the effectiveness of group decision-

making and problem-solving techniques and the processes that can be used to influence others. You will defend which tool is the best to use for the individuals in the provided case study. In your narrative, please address the following: • Explain the conflict or issue(s) seen in the case study and its updates. Indicate what the major problems were for the individuals in the case study. • Identify and define the various group decision-making tools (from the lecture and group debate). • Describe which of the decision-making tools would be most and least effective in the

situation presented in the case study and its updates. Justify your rationale • Evaluate how an individual might influence processes and outcomes in a work team/group using these decision-making tools or other strategies you have learned about in class. o For instance, consider

how you tried to influence your group members on which decision-making strategy to use. Explain how you used your knowledge of group interaction patterns to influence others.