• Explain why 1848 is a turning point in U.S. Latinx history.

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In the article “Nuestra América,” historian Vicki Ruíz argues that 1848 became a turning point in U.S.
Latinx history and U.S. history, more broadly. Using materials from readings, lectures, answer the
following question:
• Explain why 1848 is a turning point in U.S. Latinx history.
This analysis will involve a discussion of the United States’ relationship with other places. We’ve covered
multiple regions in this class in the readings, lectures, and discussions: i.e., Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico,
and the Dominican Republic. For this paper, you must write about two (2) different places and their ties
to the United States.
• 1,000-to-1,200 words
• Double-spaced, one-inch margins
• You must address two (2) different places outside of the United States
• You must use at least three (3) different sources (they can be from the same format)
• You must cite your sources
This is an argument-driven essay. You will state a clear argument at the beginning of the paper and use
the body of your essay to back up your argument. You may only use materials from class to build your
argument. Take your time with this assignment. Please be sure to keep your paper focused, clear, and

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