Explain why this campaign can be expected to succeed.

Each prompt answer one to two pages each. Not less than one page. Submitted in PDF format. Prompt 1: Invent a new medication, which may be over-the-counter or prescription, and briefly describe its use. Define the target market. Craft the positioning statement, including two to three support points. Suggest a media mix for the launch campagin, including at least: -three paid tactics -one earned media (public relations)

opportunity -one event or activation Explain why this campaign can be expected to succeed. Prompt 2: Analyze this magazine ad (attached is the magazine ad) Your analysis should include, at least, the following elements: -estimated cost of placement -ad’s target market (not the product), and why that segment was targeted -brand positioning strategy -how/whether the consumer’s insurance company would be involved/supportive -how this ad for the services or product reflects and impacts the broader brand (health system, drug manufactuer, i

nsurance company, etc.) -the call to action, and how effectively the ad motivates the consumer to use it Prompt 3: For this prompt, you will be responsible for creating a marketing campagin for this client: 1) a new prescription allergy medication that offers 24-hour relief without drowsiness or anxiety. You must submit TWO of the following items below for your marketing campaign (you pick the two): 1. A one-page plan for a consumer-facing event or activation, including a detailed description of the target audience, experience location, attractions/activations, the call-to-action for

consumers, and how they will be induced to use this call to action. You should include a second page with appropriate visual elements, such as a site plan, design elements, and/or renderings. 2. A one-page storyboard for a television or online ad for the product. The storyboard should include at least six shots, and each shot should include an appropriate image, shot description, dialogue, and music. You should include a second page that briefly explains the ad’s strategy, target audience, and platform/channel where it would run. 3. A consumer-facing landing page for the product. A PDF of the landing page must fit on an 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 piece of paper. The landing page must include at least four “links” (you need not create the content for those linked pages) that would be appropriate for further consumer engagement on the site. You should include a second page that briefly explains the landing page’s strategy, target audience, interactive elements, and how it would create conversions. Prompt 4: Draft a competitive analysis of one of the following programs through the lens of the SWOT model, using online or other research to educate yourself. (Pick ONE of the programs to analyze) -The Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida OR -The Pediatric Emergency Center at Nickalus Children’s Hospital Prompt 5: Organ transplant is one of the most complex healthcare services to market, especially in markets like South Florida where numerous programs are available. By the time patients are referred for a transplant, they have typically progressed from their primary-care physician to one more specialists. Those referring physicians – such as nephrologists, hepatologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, and pulmonologists – are highly influential on patients’ decisions. They are also notoriously

difficult targets of marketing. You are part of a team developing a marketing plan to target those referring physicians, and you have specifically been tasked with writing the channel-marketing strategy. Explain how you would use three to four channels in order to deliver the key messages,

as well as how you would measure which channels are working most effectively. Because the budget for this campaign has not been finalized, you must prioritize your three or four channels in order and explain your prioritization. Prompt 6: Answer either but not both of the following questions. Your position should be firmly defended with at least three examples drawn from class materials, citing the ways in which key concepts, models, and structures from the course have influenced your answer. (Healthcare Marketing concepts) Is healthcare marketing effective? OR Is healthcare marketing ethical?