Fallacies: A fallacy is an error in logic.

Fallacies: A fallacy is an error in logic. The ability to recognize common fallacies will help you avoid them in your own arguments and enable you to

critique and evaluate other arguments as well. Directions: Study the attached list of common fallacies before creating your fallacy project.

Directions: Read the attached requirements for your fallacy powerpoint project and view the sample powerpoint. Submit at least TWO of your powerpoint slides as part of this week’s discussion forum.




The topic of fallacies is important as it helps individuals avoid errors in logic that can impact the effectiveness of their arguments. Common fallacies can also be identified and critiqued in other arguments to evaluate their validity.

To complete the fallacy project, students are required to study the list of common fallacies and create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights their understanding of these concepts. The project should include at least two slides that demonstrate their knowledge of the topic.

One slide could explain the concept of a strawman fallacy, which occurs when an argument is misrepresented in order to make it easier to attack. This slide could include an example of a strawman fallacy and how it impacts the validity of an argument.

Another slide could focus on the ad hominem fallacy, which involves attacking the person making the argument instead of the argument itself. This slide could include an example of an ad hominem fallacy and how it detracts from the overall effectiveness of an argument.

By completing this project, students will gain a deeper understanding of common fallacies and be better equipped to avoid them in their own arguments. They will also be able to evaluate and critique the arguments of others, identifying errors in logic and improving their own critical thinking skills.