Final Project Milestone 4: Policy Alternative

  Review the article by McNutt in the Learning Resources this week.  Review your previous Final Project Milestone Assignments and your Instructor

feedback. Consider the following:  Identification of a Social Problem (Week 2)  Issue Statement (Week 4)  Identification of a Policy (Week 4)  Social

Advocacy Proposal (Week 6)  Based on your work to date, including your insights into the selected social problem, careful analysis of a policy, and

goals for advocacy, identify a policy alternative that would work to better alleviate the social problem while mitigating adverse impacts for the relevant populations.  Search for and select at least five scholarly articles to support your selection and review of a policy alternative. 



To develop a policy alternative, one should conduct a thorough analysis of the policy issue and its surrounding factors, including the potential impacts of the policy and its existing strengths and weaknesses. Research should be conducted to identify alternative policy solutions that may better address the identified issues and offer improved outcomes.

The policy alternative should be presented in a clear and concise manner, outlining the specific policy changes or recommendations that should be implemented. Additionally, it is important to consider the political and social contexts surrounding the policy issue and to address any potential objections or barriers that may arise during the implementation process.

Overall, the development of a policy alternative requires a deep understanding of the policy issue, as well as creativity and critical thinking to propose effective solutions that can lead to better outcomes for all involved parties.