Final Teamwork Project: Strategic Analysis and Development

Final Teamwork Project: Strategic Analysis and Development (Report and Presentation) Strategic Analysis and Development Using your experience from the P&G strategic analysis mid-term project, for the final project please provide a strategic analysis and development report and presentation on a new/customized product/service (category) from any industry of interest that a company (could be P&G unit as well) will

introduce. The report should contain Introduction with Executive Summary, Main Framework, and Conclusion. The Main Framework should contain all the elements: 1. Marketing Mix analysis used to market the selected brand/product category and information about segmentation,

targeting, and positioning strategies. 2. Customer analysis 3. Competitor analysis 4. Market/submarket analysis 5. Environmental and Strategic Analyses (with SWOT analysis) 6. Strategic options (select any two) 7. Value elements and value proposition 8. Offer 3-4 marketing strategy

decisions the company should develop and implement to thrive in this marketplace now and into the future. Focus on strategic, not tactical, decisions for the company with: • Any alternative functional and growth strategies • Any preference for global strategies (if so) Please prepare 15-20 double-spaced pages with Times New Roman 12 font. This paper should be the extension of the previous paper, which I have added in the files section of this order.