Final Written Assignment Criminal Justice System Challenges Over

nstructions for Final Written Assignment Criminal Justice System Challenges Over the semester, you have learned much about the criminal justice system’s organization, structure, and functioning. You have also uncovered challenges that exist within the system. In this assignment,

you will select one issue to focus upon and explore. Write at least five (5) pages (excluding reference page) addressing the following questions

related to an issue/problem/challenge within the criminal justice system in the United States. You should include at least three scholarly

resources outside of your textbook. First, identify what you believe to be the most critical issue facing the criminal justice system. Provide context regarding which component (police, courts, corrections) the issue dwells and how the issues affect other components. Alternatively, there may

be an issue that transcends all three parts. Provide a brief history of the issue regarding how it emerged and the status of the problem today.

Finally, using research, identify the most promising solutions or approaches to addressing this problem; strive to find evidence-based approaches. Use the subscription databases listed on the Research Guide (链接到外部网站。) to find your sources. Writing Guidelines/Format This assignment should adhere to APA (or other style standards), including, but not limited to, the following requirements: typed, double-spacing

one-inch margins in-text citation of references and a reference page. use third-person pronouns. Do not use “I,” “we,” “us,” etc. do not use direct quotes at least three outside sources