gender based violence

gender based violence
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This assignment has three purposes: (1) to encourage in-depth review of class readings; (2) to develop your critical thinking skills regarding theories and events; and (3) to improve your research and analytical skills for a coherent essay that incorporates scholarly sources. Please answer every part of the question. To answer the question, implement theories, concepts, and empirical examples to support your reasoning.

Question: Why are some belligerents in armed conflicts more likely to commit gender-based violence than others?

8-10 pages (excluding references), typed, double-spaced, in twelve-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins
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Citation (MLA format) use a minimum of 4 sources
Students may use any citation format, but all exams must include citations. Please refer to various Citation Styles. At the end of the reference list, please indicate which citation style is used.
Please cite written references (thus, avoid directly quoting course slides).
You may cite relevant sources outside of course readings.

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Essay must contain a strong and consistent argument. Introduction clearly lays out a main argument and gives an outline of what the reader can expect in the essay. Conclusion nicely summarizes the main argument and evidence. Body paragraphs each work to advance the argument and are directly connected to the thesis through strong topic sentences. Essay is clearly organized and makes strong transitions between paragraphs. Each paragraph has a clear topic sentence.

Essay must contain strong, clear, concise theoretical analysis throughout the paper with a sophisticated understanding of the key concepts. Theoretical explanation strongly supports the author’s main argument.

Author must provide compelling and accurate empirical evidence that convinces readers to accept the main argument. Essay strongly and consistently supports the argument with in-depth analysis of empirical examples.