– Habitat chosen: Neritic Zone (near shore pelagic communities) What is a habitat?


– Habitat chosen: Neritic Zone (near shore pelagic communities) What is a habitat?

Habitats are specific areas where organisms can live. Within the marine realm, there are several unique habitats such as coral reefs, sandy shorelines, deep sea hydrothermal

vents, and mangroves (these are all highlighted in your book, chapters 13-18, and will be discussed in class). Habitats are also known as

biomes and occur in similar climate zones throughout the world. For example, there are coral reefs in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans- they can grow anywhere the temperature is warm and the water is clear and shallow. ASSIGNMENT . You will sign up for a habitat, and then need to choose some sub-topic within (i.e., you are not going to talk about ALL coral reefs, but instead need to discuss a specific topic within

coral reefs, like ocean acidification on coral reefs). This will be a thorough overview of the current research- with a minimum of 5 peer reviewed sources. Background information will be minimal, and examples of current research about the topic will be the majority of the discussion. Part 2:

Literature check. Upload your 5 chosen articles and discussion statement

. You must find a minimum of 5 peer reviewed primary literature articles related to your discussion statement. Also include in this upload what your discussion statement will be.

These articles will be the basis for your paper and should be full PDFs. If you are having trouble finding papers you can get full access to, you can talk to the library about options or you can send me an email and try to figure something else. Remember, primary literature is from a peer-reviewed journal, and contains methods, results and conclusions. All papers must be within the last 10 years, 2011-present