Hint- one is an act and one is a dept.

Hint- one is an act and one is a dept.
1. Using the theories of “Broken Windows” by Wilson and Kelling, design a response to one of the neighborhoods in your community that may be in need of increased community policing.
what are two major categories of disorder that affect the quality of life in the community according to your text? list, define and discuss them
2. The Federal Clery Act mandates what (also define it)? How does UTRGV campus police abide by this requirement? Think in terms of notifications you receive…
3. What two major changes in our Airports came about after 9/11? Hint- one is an Act and one is a Dept. Discuss the security measure before and after 9/11 in detail.
Must answer in full detail.
Below lists the expectations for our discussion posts.
Support statements with examples, experiences, or references. Must be full paragraphs (minimum 5 sentences per answer)