How and why is your topic conducive to in-depth interview methodology (rather than surveys)

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To write a short semi-structure interview guide consisting of a minimum of 15 questions on your research topic (helpful handout from Harvard about writing interview questions (Links to an external site.))
To conduct 1 interview (pre-test) your interview guide
Write a set of interviewing “field notes”
To reflect on the experience
To prepare you for utilizing this methodology in your research proposal
1) Finalize your research topic and research questions (from HW 1)
2) Develop a semi-structured interview guide consisting at least 15 topic questions.
3) Develop a set of potential probes.
4) Population/Sample: Finalize who is your population. Determine what type of sample you will draw. Using that sampling method, choose a person to interview.
5) Interview the person, audio recording them and taking field notes. Your field notes should focus on the interview process, difficulties, rapport, need for flexibility, your feelings/reactions, ethical concerns, etc.
6) Write an essay reflecting on the experience.
Including but not limited to:
Research topic and research questions
How and why is your topic conducive to in-depth interview methodology (rather than surveys)
Who is your population? Who is your sample and how/why did you select that person? How did you select them (what kind of sample did you use)? What are implications of the sample you drew in terms of representativeness and generalizability?
Discuss ethical issues regarding interviewing on your topic. How did you deal with these ethical issues before/during/after the interview? Discussion about obtaining informed consent.
How you define your major concepts? Nominal definitions, operational definitions. Validity and reliability of your measures.
The process of writing the questions
The process of developing rapport with your respondent
The process of becoming an active listener
The use of probes…successes, difficulties
Difficulties in the process, problems and hurdles that arose and how you handled them
If you could revise interview guide, how and what would you change?
Anything you would change about the process, your behavior, demeanor, dress, setting of interview, etc.? As part of this, you might want to ask respondent regarding what they liked and did not like about the interview
Relate back to Hermanowicz’s article (see Canvas) about strategies for interviewing
What to turn in to Canvas:
1) 5-6 page reaction/reflection essay
1” margins
Double spaced throughout
Times New Roman 11 font
2) Appendices to your paper (these are separate uploads using “add another file”…see below or google “canvas upload multiple files”)
Interview Schedule/guide (file)
Consent form (Here is a sample consent form Download sample consent formPreview the document). Please type in your name, topic, and target number of interviews.
Interview field notes (file)
Recording of interview (uploaded to Canvas) — You do not have to transcribe your interview (You’re welcome). This will be under the tab “Media” or Website URL (e.g., your youtube channel)

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