How big is Country of Origin’s (Manufacturer’s) impact?

This assignment focuses on conjoint analysis of your car ratings data a. Run a Regression analysis within the original worksheet that you filled out; Y-variable is your ratings (just the first 18), X-range is the block of zeroes and ones. Be sure to save the Regression Output to a new ply or page, or at least somewhere safe that doesn’t overwrite your data. b. Use the enhanced spreadsheet located nearby to help you analyze your

data. To use it, paste your coefficients into the appropriate cells, C19..C27. Then you will see that the coefficients are presented in an organized format that makes it easier to make sense of the data. You don’t have to show me you did this, or for that matter print anything from the

enhanced sheet. Think of this as a secret hack that you’re using to do the ‘official’ assignment below. Questions to Answer — simply answer in numeric format, nothing too fancy. 1 per question Copy and paste the SUMMARY DATA output from your original output– just the first 5 columns-worth! I don’t want to see the Confidence Intervals, and they take up too much space and throw off formatting — total disaster! (Hint: you know I want to see the R-squared, and the coefficients, and their respective p-values) Does this Regression model do a good job of

predicting your choice of the cars, at least within the confines of this experiment? Explain briefly. How would you assess the validity of your coefficients? For example, do some appear fishy? Which ones, and how do you know? How big of an impact does Engine Type have on your choice? Explain using the appropriate coefficients. How big of an impact does Price have on your choice? Explain using the appropriate

coefficients. How big is Country of Origin’s (Manufacturer’s) impact? Explain using the appropriate coefficients. How big is Drive Train’s impact? Explain etc. What about Interior’s? According to the model, what is the most important attribute? Use specific metric(s) to explain your rationale. What is the baseline vehicle, according to the way this study is set up? Is this your least preferred vehicle? (ie. can you think of a vehicle that

you would rate lower than this one) Explain. (Hint: this can be a very easy and quick thing to answer) Do you think this model captures the way you really think? That is, stepping away from the spell of the numbers, metrics, etc. — does thing appear to be rooted in reality?