How do your objectives contribute to the financial success of the company?

Scenario: You have just been assigned as the Chief Information Officer of a new company (note: your choice on the company, but it has to be a real company) and have to brief your corporate board on your plan for establishing and managing the IT organization. Discuss how you will

organize the CIO team and the functions you will perform. Include the following information in the assignment: Outline what you will do over the next year to execute the functions of your organization. Identify the people, process, and technology components of your organization, to include

how you will approach overall IT governance, strategy, objectives, goals, and how you will specifically measure the success of your organization. Identify how you intend on doing well but also doing good. How do your objectives contribute to the values and social responsibilities of the company? How do your objectives contribute to the financial success of the company? Discuss your plans for communicating your

organization’s success to internal and external stakeholders. Explain how you will capitalize on current and emerging technology solutions and how you will build a culture that incorporates a commitment to continuous innovation. Do not cite the sources; instead, understand any materials that you use and express them in your own words. This assignment is intended for you to address this scenario in your own words, using all the

concepts learned throughout the class. Do not copy other materials or sources directly. Writing assignments are submitted through the TurnItIn plagiarism tool, which evaluates them and assigns a score for originality. If you receive a score greater than 20%, you will need to rework and resubmit your paper.