How does actual composition and fullness or emptiness within the panels help illustrate a theme in The Best We Could Do?

The goal for this Prep is to help move you along in your work on WA2.
To start, reread and annotate Writing Assignment #2: Visual Analysis of Black Panther or The Best We Could Do. Start making decisions about which text you want to work with and which pages from the text interest you the most.
Then, brainstorm for this essay. Brainstorming might include re-reading/skimming the book you’ve chosen, reviewing your work in forums and preps, reviewing PowerPoints and concepts in Understanding Comics. You can look at some of your colleagues’ work to see how varied elements can spur strong visual analysis too. Brainstorming means discovering all the ways you could think about the task or project, all the directions you could take with it.

For your Written Prep
Part A. Text & Source Text
State which book you will write about for
WA2. Then, quote/summarize a section from either Understanding Comics Ch. 6 or from the NY Times article. Choose a section or passage that helps you “think visually.” Then, in several sentences (3-4 sentences), “apply” the idea in the reading to visual analysis of a specific place in the book you’re using for WA2. Hopefully, you can work with a page that will become part of your essay.

Part B. Focusing Question & Working
Share your working plan for your essay, following these steps. See Arriving at a Working Thesis for WA #2: Visual Analysis Paper for more guidelines.
1. Write out a focusing question using this formula, filling in the blank with the specific visual choices you have chosen for your Visual Analysis paper:
How does the writer/illustrator’s use of ________
(visual choice) and __________ (another visual choice)
convey/highlight/reinforce _______ (a theme/purpose/intent) in ________ (title of the work)

Focusing question example: How does actual composition and fullness or emptiness within the panels help illustrate a theme in The Best We Could Do?

Focusing question example: How does Ben Passmore’s use of shades of black and gray and a background of neon colors help highlight his purpose in Your Black Friend?

2. Now, try to answer that question in the form of a specific assertion.
Rough working thesis example: Passmore chooses to juxtapose shades of black and gray against a background of bright, cartoony neon colors; this choice reinforces how isolated and out of place he feels as a Black man, even amongst white friends and allies.

Part C. Rough Outline
Write out topic sentences for your body paragraphs (2-3 PIE paragraphs). At this time, you will not write out the complete PIE paragraph, but you’ll write the Point and identify examples.