How has it oppressed some?

INSTRUCTIONS: Please write a 3 to 6 page paper that addresses some of the issues covered in the first unit of this course. You must use at

least four of the primary sources we studied in this unit, and of the four sources, you must include documents from the three centuries that we covered: 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Moreover, at least two of the sources used must be Hobbes, Locke, or Marx. In addition to the four sources, you must use the textbook, directly, at least once. Finally, it is in your best interest to write an analytic paper that supports your thesis,

and your essay should be representative of the unit. Use the textbook to help you contextualize the documents. Please reference quotations using this form: (Author of article, pdf 102.1, pg.__ or Bentley, pg. _) Please include a works cited page. Please reference the rubric attached to the syllabus. Here is the question we are answering. 4) Property has been a major issue in European history. Analyze how thinkers have

discussed property. How has property been a foundation for developing ideas about liberty? How has it oppressed some? pull citations and documents from the pdf i sent you. Nothing else. If you need to google things for clarity cool but make sure youuse only information from the

pdfs.!!!!!!!!!!! important make sure youu pulll documents from the list above. I dropped the rubric in as well if you have any more questions There needs to be a biblography in alphebetical order with work cited. Please read the rubric as closely as you need too and thank you.