how we use them to accomplish daily admin tasks.

Respond to Jason
Hello classmates. We are in week 7, with the finish line in sight! For this week’s discussion, we will go over what a spreadsheet is. We will also cover how we use them as data storage and analysis tools. Lastly, how we use spreadsheets to manage daily admin tasks.
The first topic to cover is what a spreadsheet is. A spreadsheet is a document, usually electronic, in which data is arranged in rows and columns and can be manipulated and used in calculations. That is a very dictionary explanation of what a spreadsheet is. But what is it in terms of excel and what is it to us? In Excel, a spreadsheet is a file we use to store, arrange, calculate sort and display data (Perfectxl, 2021). It is a multifaceted program that can be used in a variety of ways. Data can be inserted and displayed using equations and formulas, to show an amazing amount of different tables, spreadsheets and other bits of data. In general, though, spreadsheets are used for storing numerical data and short text strings in data cells.
The second topic is how we use them as data storage and analysis tools. In general, we covered what spreadsheets are. So how do we use them? This can be answered in so many ways, as excel spreadsheets can be utilized in a multitude of uses. As an example, we see excel used in a business environment to store things like expense reports, pay charts and other business-related data. This can then be updated or displayed to individuals with need to know. In a personal environment, we can use excel spreadsheets to save data that we may need for future use, such as catalogs of collectibles. Or lists that we may need in the future, for things like passwords or combinations, not that this would be the best way to store that data. In a military environment, excel is used for a great deal of things, including saving and displaying data that can be passed through individual chain of commands. Spreadsheets can be flexible, customizable, and work with other coding languages, for the most part (Emerson, 2020).
The last topic to cover is how we use them to accomplish daily admin tasks. For this section, I will be going off of my own experiences, as I do use excel spreadsheets quite a lot, though I am still learning how to create and manage them. I have two examples that come straight to mind. For context, I create weather briefs for entities in multiple branches of the military. When creating these briefs, we need a way to track the brief number, the time it was created, who it was created for and who made it. For this, we use a special excel document. We also use a sperate excel to actually create some of the briefs, especially ones that are preferably color coded. From these two examples, you can see how excel affects my own day to day operations. I am sure it is not the same for everyone who uses excel, but it is clear that it is an invaluable tool for many office workers.