How will you use the skills of locating in the future?

Full instructions attached in a word doc see below. 1. Annotated bibliography ( I’ve attached a word doc with all 10 resources that will need to get annotated) 2. Personal reflection-1½ – to 2-page double-spaced personal reflection. Answering the following questions below: Please write in a

narrative style (rather than just providing answers to the questions). When you think about the 10 resources, did you get what you had intended

with the keywords, databases, and search engines? 1. What have you learned about the topic? 2. Going back, what would you changed in your search and why? 3. Do the 10 resources cover the landscape of the topic? Does the topic need narrowing? Do you need more searching and

sources? Are you happy with the results? How will you use the skills of locating and assessing information on different topics in the future?