How would this particular theory describe

You will choose a client (from the Client Cases Options list) to conceptualize by applying one of the psychological theories we have covered in class. Please include the case name and theory you have chosen in the file name of your paper. Format for the Case Conceptualization Paper: • The paper needs to be at least 4 pages long (not including title and reference pages). • Please refer to the syllabus for assignment submission

information/guidelines/requirements. Address all three parts listed below: The bulk of the paper should be spent on the conceptualization. Create headings on your paper (in APA style) corresponding to each of the following sections. • Conceptualization: Using the theory you have selected, conceptualize the client based on the information provided about the client in the case example. o How would this particular theory describe or explain the client’s behavior, feelings, or situation? o What are the most salient issues or problems for this client, from the perspective of this

theoretical viewpoint? o Mention specific concepts and terms from this theoretical perspective and describe in detail how they would apply (or not apply, as may be the case at times) to this client. o Do not simply discuss the theory in general and do not provide definitions of relevant

concepts (you can assume the reader knows the meanings of the concepts); rather, your goal is to demonstrate how this particular theory would conceptualize the client. • Goals and Interventions: Based on the theory you have chosen, discuss what treatment goals are appropriate for this particular case. o What intervention strategies would you use to work toward the treatment goals? o What outcomes would be anticipated for the client? o Be very specific in describing the intervention strategies and techniques you would use with this particular case, based on this particular theory. ▪ For example, do not just say you would use an “empty chair” technique; rather, explain why – from a Gestalt perspective – you would use an empty chair with this client, how it would work toward achieving relevant treatment goals, and describe what the technique would look like with the particular case you are conceptualizing. • Critique: Consider the cultural factors (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity,

socioeconomic status, religion/spirituality, world-view, education level, sexual orientation, etc.) that are relevant for this client. o Determine how well the chosen theory understands or addresses these cultural factors. o What is your evaluation of how well this theory applies to the client given his/her unique cultural background? References: • Your references should include materials from scholarly sources (i.e. unbiased,

professional material such as textbooks or peer-reviewed journals). • Information from a minimum of one additional peer-reviewed source: Please incorporate at least one additional peer-reviewed article to supplement and enhance your conceptualization of the client, discussion of

goals/interventions, and/or critique. o I am looking for evidence that you have effectively and thoughtfully sought out, read, applied, and synthesized outside information in a way that deepens and enhances your understanding and discussion of the client/theory.