Ideas for Final Presentation – The Romans

To explore the various aspects of the ancient Roman way of life and begin researching one focused topic that truly grabs your attention.

In this preparation assignment, your task is to begin researching different aspects of life in ancient Rome. Begin looking for a topic, credible sources and start gathering information. Complete the following steps:

In one to two paragraphs, discuss at least three topics that interest you. Settle on one and tell me why you picked it. What do you want to learn and what do you want to leach us? Whatever topic you choose, make sure you focus your attention on something specific. Do not try to explain the whole history of the Roman military in 7 power point slides. Such generic presentations do not represent college level work. They are woefully inadequate and will not be graded. Instead, narrow your search down to a detailed aspect of Roman life. For example, you can learn about Roman food from a specific time period/social class and then teach us how they prepared a unique kind of dish or drink. You can learn about the history of Roman graffiti in the city of Pompeii, before it was destroyed, teach us something about the Latin language and then show us how to translate examples. You can learn about Roman architecture and then teach us about the historical and cultural context of a famous Roman structure as well as its important features. Learn about a famous Roman philosopher and then teach us about the fundamental ideas in the person’s philosophy.
Find credible resources and provide a list of what you found. This isn’t a final list of resources but rather a demonstration of what you found in your initial research. You can add or change any of them for your final presentation. These resources can be data bases from the Valencia Library, YouTube videos, articles from reputable organizations like museums (Smithsonian), books, image libraries, etc. Please write about/list at least 6 credible resources you may use.
Explain how you are going to present the information. Are you going to make a video, use power point, prezi, or some other presentation tool? You can build a website, create a blog, use Google Slides, Visme, Canva, etc.
Finally – please provide a uniquely personalized statement that demonstrates your promise and commitment to turning in a presentation that is created by you and not copied. Be proud of your own work! If you do use a source, just make sure you properly cite it!
If you need help with any of this, please just reach out to me. I will help in any way I can.