Identify a sociologically relevant topic.

Identify a sociologically relevant topic. you must link that topic to the wide range of tools of sociological thought you have learned this semester

in a written review. must substantially fulfill the following requirements: Give a background of the topic or problem you have chosen and discuss why it would benefit from being understood through a sociological lens. What assumptions do people make about it that sociology can inform (or change)? What does sociology bring to the table that differs from people’s everyday social and cultural assumptions? Discuss how two

sociological theories can be applied. In doing so, you should make clear that you understand how the core perspectives of the theory can connect to and offer insight into the real-world example you have chosen. In other words, how would this theory interpret your topic? It may be easiest to choose from the major theories (Structural-Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Theory*), but recall that there are

some other theories presented in your readings. Discuss how two sociological concepts can be applied. In doing so, you should show how these concepts can be seen at work inside the topic/problem you’ve identified. Use them to zero in on aspects of your example and interpret them. You may choose from the following list of concepts: Social Structure Culture Socialization Social inequality* Social identity Including groups and

categories Power and authority (counts as one) Deviance Social change (*Important: note that if you choose Conflict Theory as one of your theories, you may not choose social inequality as one of your concepts.) must be 5 pages in length (Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double

spaced, 1″ margins). please provide a list of references at the end and be sure to disclose in the body of your paper where you have used words, figures, ideas, or any other material from your sources. You are not required to use any references other than your textbook, but you are required to identify this and any other source that you use.