Identify and describe a theoretical and/or conceptual framework relevant to your study.

This assignment has two parts. Part 1: Framework Identify and describe a theoretical and/or conceptual framework relevant to your study. Write a 350- to 500-word description of a theoretical or conceptual framework for your proposed study using one of the following templates: For a

theoretical framework: The theoretical basis for this study is (name the theory). It was developed by (originator or source) and has informed the study of (identify topics where the theory has been applied and/or how the theory has been used in prior research). This theory holds (identify

major propositions or hypotheses of the theory). Applying this theory to the present study, it aids in understanding the (central phenomenon) by (give explanation of how and why the theory aids understanding) because (provide rationale based on the theory). For a conceptual framework:

The conceptual basis for this study is (name the concept(s)). These concepts inform the study of (central phenomenon) by (give explanation of how the concepts relate to the study) because (provide rationale for basing the study on these concepts). The student should then expand upon the concepts in this section. Part 2: Significance of Study and Completed Research Plan Provide a statement of the significance or importance

of your study: why the study is a unique approach to the problem to be investigated, potential benefit/benefactors from the proposed study, and the ways in which the study results might make an original contribution to your professional field. Complete each section of the Research Outline Template you began using in Wk 3, using the work you completed throughout the class, including the Framework section from Part 1 of this assignment and the Significance of the Study statement. Template: Attached All previous work: Attached Please turn this into the statement of significance: The study investigates how poor management of finance is experienced amongst the graduates who do not have sufficient knowledge in financial management. This is important to the government. It will put more effort into the institutions as they can articulate the real problem. The financial topics have been challenging the scholars, so the study directs the real problems encountered. The study will eradicate poor financial decisions; this happens when people take financial credits and take the risk of saving at a slower rate, thus ending up paying high credits. The study helps remove distress among the graduates as they will encourage them to get enrolment in financial program courses. The

approach is unique as the financial accuracy analysis, and correctness of quality standards are developed. It helps the students in their research as this approach uses appropriate searches like the internet for data, thus can have overall results on financial management and open to users. The study leads to high financial management points, thus contributing to streamlined cash flows, making the balance between the individual

finance. The study helps reduce the misfortune among individuals as they can monitor the economic trends in the country. Additionally, the study helps large populations play an important role in societal responsibility, and they gain knowledge of their expenditure and how to save. The study is relevant to future generations seeking financial management resolutions on individual finance and public finances, thus putting them on the right track in solving any financial problems. Moreover, the study helps the economist address the financial constraints that are affecting individuals and how best they can encounter the problem by referring their research to this study.