. Identify and discuss the major social criticisms of marketing.

Week 5 Complete 1100 words For your "Complete" assignment, you are to write a COMPREHENSIVE APA analysis paper including knowledge

you gained from the Read and Attend throughout the course (including Unit 5) to address the questions and statements below. A minimum of three scholarly sources are required, and all sources should be cited and referenced in APA format.

Do not self-plagiarize from the previous weeks. For support formatting the APA analysis paper, refer to the APA Template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians. Please refer to the grading rubric for guidance

. Upon completion, papers should be posted to the Unit Five Dropbox for grading. 1. Discuss the four Ps of the typical marketing mix. Some people consider that there should be more than four marketing

mix elements, including suggestions such as the seven Ps of the marketing mix.

Discuss two additional aspects that the typical marketing mix could include.

2. A consumer's behavior is influenced by social factors, such as the consumer's small groups, family, and social roles and status.

Explain the differences among these social factors.

3. Distinguish between a product idea, a product concept, and a product image.

4. What is value selling? Explain its importance and requirements.

5. Identify and discuss the major social criticisms of marketing.

6. Refer to the MINI case in chapter

7. Discuss how MINI has endured for 60 years as a brand, despite being owned by various companies. Book :Armstrong, G. (2019). Marketing. [Savant Learning Systems]. Retrieved from https://savantlearningsystems.vitalsource.com/#/books/9780135193365/