In this assignment, you will be presenting your community health promotion/risk

In this assignment, you will be presenting your community health promotion/risk reduction plan in person or virtually to the agency contact that you interviewed earlier in the semester. The presentation should include your findings from your agency visit, as well as your proposed

community health promotion plan. You should prepare this in a concisely worded PowerPoint to be delivered in person or virtually (i.e., Zoom or Skype). ts. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes. Be sure to add information to the notes area that explains the information on the

slide. The notes area should act as the written component of the presentation, with the PowerPoint slides having brief summarized information. In the notes section, you should write in complete sentences and explain the information that you are presenting on the slide. Include any in-text citations as needed. Your presentation should include the following: Identification of the community including demographics and geographic

information Describe the economic conditions, health resources, and environmental conditions Description of the agency including purpose and funding Identification of the community health need. Recommended intervention – that is evidence-based Plan for implementation to meet the

identified need Resources needed to implement the plan Expected outcomes Organization/Presentation Spelling grammar and references A reference list of research used to develop the plan Your presentation should be given as a PowerPoint. Elaboration on the content that is covered in the slides should be written in the notes area. The presentation should be limited to 12 slides