In your s of o’s try defining the trait without saying the actual word.

First, you will only be completing the actual INTRODUCTION and the CONCLUSION on the actual template form! You will know take your three

separate success trait perfect paragraphs and combine them into a structured five paragraph essay. The essay will have an introduction, three body paragraphs , and a conclusion. Follow the template that is attached. Your ICD(HOOK) should be three to five sentences. S of O = Statement of

organization, which means saying something like this: First, success in any endeavor relies on people believing in the final outcome before actually launching. In your S of O’s try defining the trait without saying the actual word. Remember, you will be deleting your ICD from the actual body

paragraphs in the essay because you only have one in the INTRODUCTION. So, pick the ICD(out of the three different one’s that you wrote)

that you like the best. You will need to expand on the idea of the ICD to get it to three to five sentences. The 3 success paragraphs will be added

in files. I also will be adding a template to files so please create a separate doc answering those questions and lableing which answer goes to which “question” (basically just write down what is written in the essay to answer those questions)