Include emotional intelligence and self-awareness growth

Include emotional intelligence and self-awareness growth
You only answer the first question for part 1 – Who are you?
Describe your personality
tell your life story in terms of how you have prepared to take responsibility of leading yourself and any experiences you had leading others
Also, use insights from your Birkman report and other personality profiles, i.e. MBTI, etc., to describe the general patterns of your personality.
Include Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness growth
Be honest about where you are in your development and what still needs work
Use a title page and reference page. Use all APA 7 formatting/citations/references style. Use good writing – proper word choice, sentences flow, punctuation, no run-on sentences, do not put too many ideas into one sentence instead break them up.Please write according to the brikman file I uploaded and complete the assignment as required, please follow the pattern and experience of a college student. Guaranteed to achieve a grade of 80% or higher, thank you!