Is it better to obtain the vitamins from food or supplements?

There are two water soluble vitamins that can be synthesized by some animals but not by others, including humans:

They are Vitamin C

(Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin).

Therefore these vitamins would not be essential nutrients for all species as they are for humans.

For your main post, choose one of the these to begin your thread.

Don’t use up a lot of space re-stating all the functions we learned in class, but expand upon

them instead. Do you feel you might be at risk for deficiency for the vitamin you choose to start with?

What are the consequences of deficiency?

Include food sources and how certain dietary choices affect the vitamin’s status in the body.

Is it better to obtain the vitamins from food or supplements? Are there toxicity issues with the vitamin of your choice?

Feel free to include your own personal experiences, if applicable.

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