Is there an afterlife?

Is there an afterlife?
Paper details:
Philosophy paper
Book : Classics of Western Philosophy: ONLY CAN CITE FROM THIS BOOK NO OUTSIDE SOURCES
This is a 500-1000 word paper and therefore an exercise in relevance as much as knowledge. Your paper should include a title, which is essential as it tells your reader what to expect. Therefore your title should not be generic or vague. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins on both sides, top and bottom (I will notice); your paper should be double spaced.

A successful paper will be well organized, staying very close to the topic without extraneous detail, and will be expressed in ‘everyday’ language. It will clearly present, define and breakdown all relevant philosophical issues before moving into directed analysis. A strong specific thesis statement, which asserts your position on the topic, will be clearly defined, specific, and interesting. It should indicate, even in some small way, the direction your argumentation is heading. Your analysis will be well grounded with textual support and your evaluations in support of your thesis will be directly derived from the analysis of the text. There will be very few grammar, style or spelling mistakes. Transitions between concepts, ideas and sections of your paper will be seamless.

A word count must be included at the end of your paper.


Citations will be clear and a works cited page (not included in your page count) will be found at the back of the paper. Either in-text parenthetical citations or footnotes are acceptable. You can use whatever method of citation (MLA, APA, Chicago etc) is most comfortable, just make sure you USE them. A great formatting/citation/work cited resource can be found here:


You may only use sources from our class (textbook and class notes) for this paper. No outside sources are approved for this paper. I am much more interested in what you have to think and say about the concepts we are dealing with that just repurposing the arguments of others. Class notes should be cited using the appropriate format.


In this 500-1000 word paper, you will choose a position for a relevant philosophical question and develop an argument using textual support from one philosopher we have discussed in class. Remember you are arguing a point of view, not summarizing what the philosopher’s have to say. Your argument needs to be specific enough to formulate a complete answer via your thesis statement within the boundaries of the paper. As such, you must start with a contextual introduction ending with a specific thesis, an argument which explains the components of your thesis and explores their implications, supported by direct textual evidence from at least one philosopher we have read in class, and a conclusion summarizing your position. Remember a good argument weighs compelling evidence more heavily. Tell me the compelling evidence that will convince me your argument is strong.

Possible Pre-Writing Procedure:

What question am I answering?
What is the answer to this question in my own words?
Why is this the ‘best’ answer to this question?
What is the greater application of this answer?
What concepts are involved in this answer? What are my reasons for this answer? How do these concepts connect to one another?
What philosopher(s) can support my thesis and argument?
What context/explanation will this require?