LEAD 6133 Module 4 Discussion-Distinguishing Leadership, Management, and Coaching

LEAD 6133 Module 4 Discussion-Distinguishing Leadership, Management, and Coaching
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Distinguishing Leadership, Management, and Coaching
Analyze the distinctions between leadership, management, and coaching. Describe a scenario from your personal or professional experience which fits each approach and explain why.

Do not write in 1st person. Professional experience – school district superintendent – leadership: navigating school and the COVID-19 pandemic; coaching-coaching teachers to be better in the classroom; management-the school budget process.

My personal notes on me as a leader – school district super intendent Leadership Style A leadership style refers to a leader’s methods, characteristics and behaviors when directing, motivating, and managing their teams. Being a visionary leader was a characteristic on your superintendent profile: When I think about my leadership style a determining factor in how I have developed this style over the years is how I strategically implement strategies and systems, how I implement plans and respond to changes, while managing the expectations of stakeholders and the wellbeing of my team is how I have come to the conclusion that I have multiple leadership styles. As a leader, understanding your own leadership style is critically important. When you do understand your own leadership style you are able to determine the affect this has on those that you directly influence. It also helps you find your leadership strengths and define which leadership skills to develop. It took me a while to categorize my current leadership style. I have found that feedback from my board, staff, students, and community has made me grow the most as a leader. Asking those who you lead to provide you with open and honest feedback is a helpful exercise. Doing so has allowed me to adapt a multi style approach within my day-to-day responsibilities as a leader. Transformation Leadership A focus on the future: As a Transformational leader I am always looking ahead and thinking about what needs to be done in order to achieve the districts goals. I inspire others to do the same. A focus on change: I am comfortable with change and understand that it is necessary for organizational success. I work to ensure that the stakeholders are also comfortable with change and are able to adapt to it. A focus on people: I see the potential in everyone. I strive to develop their individual strengths and abilities so that they can reach their full potential. I was surprised that I didn’t see the leadership style of servant leadership on the profile – but maybe that is because everyone from the south lives by a people-first mindset and believes that when team members feel personally and professionally fulfilled, they’re more effective and more likely to regularly produce great work. I believe I emulate the attributes of a servant leader as well – I place an emphasis on employee satisfaction and collaboration, and this leads to higher levels of respect. I am exceptionally skilled in building employee morale and helping people re-engage with their work. Motivate your team Have excellent communication skills Personally care about your team Encourage collaboration and engagement Commit to growing my team professionally I have the capacity to boost employee loyalty and productivity, improve employee development and decision-making, cultivate trust and create future leaders. Coaching Leadership Style I quickly recognize my team members’ strengths, weaknesses and motivations to help each individual improve. I often assists them in setting smart goals and then provide regular feedback with challenging projects to promote growth. It is critical to set clear expectations and create a positive, motivating environment. The coach leadership style is one of the most advantageous for me because of staff retention and growing our own. I have to be: supportive I Offer guidance instead of giving commands Value learning as a way of growing Ask guided questions Balance relaying knowledge and helping others find it themselves Are self-aware And then visionary leadership As a visionary leader I have a powerful ability to drive progress and usher in periods of change by inspiring employees and earning trust for new ideas. I have been able to establish a strong organizational bond in my district that fosters confidence among staff I am Persistent and boldStrategicRisk-takingInspirationalOptimisticInnovativeVisionary leadership will help us grow, unite teams and the most importantly persevere through continuous improvement.