Like a Girl: Exploring Gender and Gender Roles Through Advertisements

First: Watch the commercial on being Like a Girl by Always. Next, do some of your own research on current advertisements in the media: Spend some time reviewing current advertisements and choose only one (what you present must be some form of commercial advertisement from the 21st century and please attempt to share current ads from 2010 and beyond).

This can be done through various media outlets of your choosing such as online, TV, or print.  Also, make sure you have chosen a legitimate advertisement and not an artist’s rendition of an ad, propaganda, or a public service announcement–these do not count. Also, do not choose a video that is a compilation of advertisements–only choose one.

For this discussion, you will need to: Present one advertisement from your search by posting either a link (make sure it works so students can access it) or if it is a picture of an ad, please post the picture of your chosen advertisement within your post and not as an attachment. Next, you will need to discuss the message(s) conveyed from the advertisement and in what ways it communicates how men and women are expected to act, feel, and think within society. And finally, you must relate it back to what you learned in chapter 3 using direct connections: how do the cultural depictions of males and/or females in your advertisements relate to cultural scripts, gender roles, and expectations? DO NOT just state that they do.

Explain HOW and WHY using information from the chapter. In your response: Be sure to include the advertisement via picture or video Thoroughly answer the questions above  Insert course application from chapter 3; it is critical. Be sure to post your reference for your advertisement. Respond to at least three others in your group.  Keep in mind: your original post to this prompt is worth up to 7 points and your three peer responses are worth up to 3 points (1 point for each response).

This makes the total points for this discussion worth 10 points. Everyone has already been placed in a group so once you post, you will automatically be placed in your assigned group and will have access to only the posts in your group.  NOTE: Because this is a small group endeavor, those assigned in your group are depending on you to complete your post in a timely manner. DO NOT wait till the last night with only hours left before it is due to post as it is unfair to others who post and have to wait for others in their group to join the conversation so that they can complete their peer responses. Let’s be mindful of others