Persasive Essay on Issues in Business

Specific arguments and supporting scholarship are needed to make an effective argument. 

Remove all personal pronouns, and cite sources in-text: the guidelines for APA or MLA formatting can be found in your module or at the OWL Purdue site or in many other sites set up to help students write research papers.

The thesis needs to be more specific, and you need a clear idea of what supporting arguments will be made to defend it. As it stands, most of your text  is a summation of information.

To change this, address a specific concern and take a clear side on the debate; what course of action do you want to take?

Who can help you, and how will you convince them to do so? 

Make sure to place your supporting arguments as the topic sentences at the beginning of paragraphs, and use research to support your arguments: summarizing and repeating an idea does not prove or support it.

The opposition’s specific arguments need to be specifically addressed and refuted. Try using a detailed outline and use the writing center to help you focus your intentions, support your ideas accordingly and develop your potential