Porter’s Five Forces Model to the auto industry

See attached assignment requirements. Your paper needs to include at least five scholarly sources, i.e. peer reviewed articles. I strongly recommend the use of the school library for these sources, as most acceptable resources can only be found in protected databases. Your paper should be about 10 double spaced pages, in APA format, and structured as follows:

1. Cover page with a running head2. Abstract3. Introduction to the Auto Industry3.1. Industry Definition3.2. Industry Profile3.3. Industry Market Structure3.4. Future Outlook 4. Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis as it applies to the Auto Industry4.1. Bargaining Power of Buyers4.2

. Bargaining Power of Suppliers4.3. Competitive Rivalry in the Industry4.4. Threat of New Entrants4.5. Threat of Substitutes 5. Conclusion6. References