Present this paper using Word, single spaced, and with page numbering.

Present this paper using Word, single spaced, and with page numbering. You may include presentation graphics/tables/charts/pictures as you deem appropriate. Choose any of the concepts from this course (at least two) and explain how you could use the concept to make a substantial improvement to either your management style or one of your organization’s standard operating practices. If you are not currently employed, you

may refer to a previous work organization, or you may choose an organization from your personal life. You do not need to be currently employed to be able to improve a personal management practice so if you are not currently employed you may make that choice. Use the following format. Situation/Background. Explain either your current management practice or your organization’s standard operating practice that you want to

improve. Explain what is not going as well as possible, and how your choice of concept will make things better. Provide a context for the need for a change. This will likely require about a page.Goal. 5 points. Specifically describe what aspect of either your current management style or your

organization’s standard practices needs to get better. An example of an appropriate sentence might be “The purpose of this intervention will be to …” or something like that. This will likely require a single paragraph. Implementation Procedure. Explain how you intend to introduce the change, and how you intend to implement it. Describe any objections you may encounter and how you intend to handle those objections.

Describe how will you measure the effect of the change assuming it is implemented; what metric(s) will you use and provide an example using notional (dummy) numbers for illustration purposes. The improvement does not necessarily need to be in terms of dollars; it can be in terms of improved internal procedures, investment in the future, or some form of “customer satisfaction.” This will likely require 2-3 pages.Include all

references in your paper. If you use double-spacing, your paper will need to be 4-6 pages long not including the cover page and the reference page. The concepts are Linear Regression and Pivot Table and Scenario Manager,