Project 1

My suggested small company would be a refuge for single parents with children under the age of ten. A shelter is a basic architectural structure or building that protects people from the elements. A shelter can either be a house or a residential facility.A shelter is needed in this case to assist in helping people in need and to stop a pattern of being homeless within families. Most of the time, homelessness is just transitory. Sometimes all they require is someone to assist them in getting back on their feet. Contrary to common assumption, some of them are making an effort. As a result, we must assist them in resuming their productive roles in society. In a different perspective if a person can not provide for themselves they won’t be able to take care of their family which will eventually become a more problematic situation. Healthcare expenses are cut by 59%, while emergency department costs are cut by 61%, and the number of general inpatient admissions is cut by 77%.
People who use the shelter will benefit from aid in finding permanent housing, as well as daycare services, job fairs, and three free meals each day. A voucher provided by the state to aid with rental assistance, with a social worker on hand to assist with the paperwork. Social workers can help persons who are homeless in a variety of ways. They may help a wide range of clients, including those facing eviction or job loss, with counseling, housing, rent support, health care services, and job search aid. All children in this shelter must attend the local school, which will be served by a local bus that will pick them up and put them off at the shelter. This is to guarantee that everyone stays within the curfew for their shelter, which reduces crime and provides a secure environment for children to grow up in, as well as structure for adults.
My business may be similar to others. It is unique because it will teach people to be content with who they are today and that it is okay to seek help when in need. It will counsel children who are not aware of how this affects their lives and to check on how they are coping with all the changes in their life. Understanding and controlling emotions is critical for children’s and teens’ growth and well-being. Recognizing and labeling emotions aids children in their understanding of emotions. This establishes the framework for emotional management. Children and teens may require assistance with their emotional abilities at times. Within this shelter it will prepare adults to take on the world more than what they could before they will learn and take away many different resources to assist them and a family throughout this process.