Provide a description of the space and the organization of the exhibition.

Frist Art Museum 919 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 You will need to write (type) a 5 page Review of your experience. Included in your paper should be: The name of the museum attending, the sponsors of the exhibition, the general layout of the exhibition, choose at least three

significant works and describe them with a formal vocabulary, evaluate and critique these works, and express your opinion of these works and of the show. Provide location name and address. Identify whether the location is a museum or gallery. Describe the type of artwork shown upon

initial observation. Provide a description of the space and the organization of the exhibition. Choose no less than three artworks and provide a formal analysis to describe the work. Use terminology obtained including medium and visual elements. Analyze the content and context of each

artwork Compare/contrast it to a historical and contemporary artwork Include significant information about the artist(s) This part of the paper may require additional research. Be sure to write about their lifespan, training, cultural context, and stylistic differences/similarities with other artists of their time. Provide your opinion of the experience at this venue Use supporting evidence to justify your opinion Explain how this artwork relates

to you, your community, and your heritage This should include the layout of the space, interactions with staff, and personal thoughts regarding the quality of artwork (and price, if applicable).