Quality Management

Choose a problem you have or have had, or one you've seen or thought about, or a situation you want to improve, for which you'd like to propose an improvement project to "a manager" (or other main party you must persuade, e.g., a very technically-oriented spouse 🙂 ) to get approval for receiving the resources and authorizing the time you'll need to proceed.

Develop a proposal for solving the problem/making the improvement you chose. Organize your proposal around the six steps of the trouble-shooting form of the Scientific Method described in this week's paper about the Scientific Method.

• Put the proposal in Word file
• Be sure to cover at least all these bases that are covered by the six-step form of the Scientific Method, with deep thought; e.g.,
1. what you've observed about your problem,
2. what you think the problem really is,
3. your hypothesis for what will fix it,
4. definition of an experiment to test the hypothesis,
5. what you will measure to evaluate your hypothesis and
6. what you will do with them to either demonstrate the correctness of your hypothesis or to attempt to disprove it