racial or ethnic equality or anti-racism education.

For written assignment three, you will require to profile an activist who was or is
currently involved with promoting racial or ethnic equality or anti-racism education. You
will chose from a list of activities below.
• Students will select from a list of activies below. Be sure to include the
following information in your written assignment:
o The activist’s background and why she/he became involved in activism

o What causes she/he focuses on and what movements/groups have
they worked with

o What types of activism she/he is involved in (i.e. protests, boycotts,

o Any major successes of this activist or of the movement/groups they
are (or were) involved in
o Any other important information you feel should be included
o Or anything else that you deem necessary to include
• Written assignment will need to be in APA style
• All margins should be one-inch
• Times, New Roman 12-point font
• Double-Spaces
• Title Page
• Reference Page
• Please note, the title and reference pages do not count toward you page
• Written assignments should be 4-5 pages in length
• You must use a total of three additional scholarly, peer-reviewed sources