Realism and Naturalism

ON FIRST PAGE THERE IS IS DISCUSSION PREPARATION SHEET FOLLOW THAT PLS  you were asked to read ONE (1) of the following pieces: Henry James “From The Art of Fiction” beginning on p. 584 Frank Norris “A Plea for Romantic Fiction” beginning on p. 586 Jack London “From What Life Means to Me” beginning on p. 590 Charlotte Perkins Gilman “From Masculine Literature” beginning on p. 593 ON SECOND PAGE  Do a little investigation/exploration on Realism and Naturalism. 

Share one thing you discovered about       each term and provide an example from your chosen piece which demonstrates this gained knowledge.  Make sure you provide the source citation from where you found the information.  Use MLA format. THIS IS EXAMPLE HOW IT LOOK OKAY  Here is an example on a different topic.  In this example, I am explaining a literary technique common to free prose, another literary term like

Realism and Naturalism.   Anaphora is a figure of speech in which words repeat at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases, or sentences.  In Free Prose, poets often use the repetition of words and/or phrases to emphasize their message or to make their word memorable.   Whitman frequently includes the use of anaphora in his poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.”  In lines 13-17, he uses the word “Others” to emphasize that future generations will see the changes that are to come and that Whitman will not be around to see. MasterClass. “Anaphora Rhetorical Device Definition and Examples.” MasterClass, MasterClass, 8 Nov. 2020,,to%20make%20their%20words%20memorable.