Research Essay on The Old Man & The Sea.

Research Essay on The Old Man & The Sea. Self chosen theme is age vs youth but open.

State how Hemingway gets across his points with writing techniques.

Must include an annotated bibliography of five sources: 3 academic, 2 whatever of choice, 1 the book.




In his novella "The Old Man & The Sea," Ernest Hemingway explores the theme of age vs youth through the character of Santiago, an aging fisherman who embarks on a difficult journey to catch a giant marlin. Hemingway uses a variety of writing techniques to convey his message, including symbolism, repetition, and character development.

One way Hemingway employs symbolism is through the contrast between the old man and the sea. The sea represents youth and vitality, while Santiago represents age and experience. Throughout the novella, Santiago struggles against the sea, which is portrayed as a powerful and unpredictable force. This represents his struggle to hold onto his youth and maintain his strength in the face of aging.

Repetition is another technique Hemingway uses to emphasize the theme of age vs youth. Throughout the novella, he repeats phrases such as "man is not made for defeat," highlighting Santiago's determination and resilience despite his age. This repetition reinforces the idea that age does not necessarily equate to weakness.

Finally, Hemingway's character development is instrumental in conveying his message. Through Santiago's thoughts and actions, the reader sees his struggle to maintain his sense of purpose and dignity as he ages. This struggle is compounded by the fact that his community no longer respects him as a skilled fisherman due to his age.

In researching this theme, I consulted a variety of sources. Three academic sources include "Ageing and the Literary Imagination" by Elaine Scarry, "The Old Man and the Sea: An Ecological Fable" by Bruce Harkness, and "Ernest Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea': An Ecological Critique" by Jay Glaser. These sources provide insights into Hemingway's use of age and youth in the novella, as well as its ecological and cultural significance.

Two additional sources include an interview with Hemingway on his writing process and the historical context of the novella. The final source is the novella itself, which I will use to analyze specific examples of Hemingway's writing techniques in relation to the theme of age vs youth.

Overall, through the use of symbolism, repetition, and character development, Hemingway effectively conveys the theme of age vs youth in "The Old Man & The Sea."