Research theological paper for Church History

The student will write one 7-8 page, double-spaced research paper on a topic of major theological importance discussed during the time period covered by this course. The topic for this paper should be one of the following doctrines of the Reformation:

Sola Scriptura Sola Fide Sola Gratia Sola Christus Sola Deo Gloria       Papers will investigate the historical origins of this doctrine during the Reformation, the theological significance and meaning, a biblical evaluation, and contemporary practical implications.     

  Proper research for this paper will include, but should not be limited to, a minimum of five sources. Quality sources include scholarly journal articles, systematic theologies, Bible commentaries, etc. No more than one high-quality Internet sources may be used; Wikipedia is not considered a high-quality Internet source though it is an excellent place to begin your research.    

    Papers will be written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced with 1 inch borders. Papers must include: cover page, footnotes, and a bibliography. These items must follow the example provided by professor for style (including cover page). The paper must comeform to A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th edition by Kate Turabian, available in the campus bookstore. I gave a sample from my professor. As well as a rubric, I have included everything he gave me.