Research Writing Assignment Total possible points: 200 Intro: Currently 30-50%

Research Writing Assignment Total possible points: 200 Intro: Currently 30-50% of seniors over age 85 have Alzheimer’s disease. The number of new cases will double every 5 years for seniors approaching 65 years of age. (Chapt 12). Instructions: In a minimum 9-10 pages (includes cover, abstract and reference page), double spaced document, APA format. This research paper will discuss several aspects of Alzheimer’s

Disease (AD). You are always welcome to go over 10 pages, (do what you need to do to get the below questions answered THOROUGHLY). Be sure to Answer each of the following questions in your paper for full credit. The references at the end of book chapt 12 will help. You can look

them up and use them for your answers. Read the original paper for the information. You will not get credit for quoting the book. You can also get statistics from The 1) What are some of the current statistics and future statistics for AD in the US and the world. What will be the costs and who will pay for the costs. The book’s statistics are old, find newer ones. 2) What is the currently known pathophysiology of the

disease. What body systems are affected and how are they affected. What does the disease do to the body how does it impact the patient’s life. 3) What are the differences between a patient with early onset AD and one who gets it later in life. Discuss life style, physical differences, treatment and diagnoses differences. 4) How is the disease currently diagnosed and what NEW research is being done to diagnose. 5) What are the current treatments and what NEW research is being done? Discuss some of the medications and their potential side effects. 6) What special nutrition related considerations might there be for an AD patient? Provide a one day diet including breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack that would be appropriate for an 80 Y/O AD patient. Make a chart and insert into the body of your paper. Include feeding technique ideas to assist the care-giver. 7) Discuss some prevention theories: exercise, diet, life-style changes. Appropriate sources for current research on this topic are peer-reviewed research articles (try searching in PubMed via the library – The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is an example of a peer-reviewed journal, or the references in your book at the end of chapter 12, or, or American Medical Association). Cite all your sources in the text paragraphs like this ex: (Robinson, 2014) and you should have TONS of these in your paper, everything in your paper should have a citation. Also put the full reference at the end on the reference page in APA format. If you don’t know already, peer reviewed means that other health professionals have reviewed it and think the document is legit. Non-peer reviewed is someone just writing their opinion in an article or blog and it is just that…their opinion. Do not use opinions unless it is yours. If citing from web pages they must be legit sources. Again, can

you go over 10 pages?…. of course, but make it good. I love the idea that you enjoyed writing this and learned a lot and did not think it was a chore or just counting pages and words. Remember, your grandparents, parents, neighbors, patients, current and future spouses and maybe even yourself might be one afflicted with AD in the future. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. I will be looking for the following criteria in

your paper. 1. Were all of the questions above answered satisfactorily? (120 points) 2. Were appropriate sources (peer-reviewed articles) utilized for research? (40 points) Minimum of 3 and your book is NOT one of the 3 but looking up the sources in the back of the chapt works. Use the UH library people to help you, that’s their job. 3. Were all sources cited and included in APA formatted bibliography? (20 points) (APA format is on

Blackboard if you need to look at it) 4. Entertainment value (was it interesting)? (20 points) Again, if having problems finding sources, AARP, or AD websites are good starts, look under research or articles tab. And also go to the UH library and search under PUBMED. The librarians can help you. Use for citation.