While referring to the attached dose-response document produced by writer 129083 , conduct a risk characterization to evaluate major risk estimates calculations, assumptions, and extrapolations from risk calculations, and residual uncertainties, including their impact on the range of plausible risk estimates. While writing the risk characterization, address the following questions:

What is the nature of the hazardous material? E.g., mutagen, carcinogen, endocrine disruptor or genotoxic, or biological?

How can female farmworkers minimize exposure to the selected hazardous material (e.g., reduce, reuse, or recycle, or less toxic alternative)?

How can the dose of exposure be best described to common people to convey the idea of the hazardous nature of the selected material?

No introduction and conclusion are required, and there is no maximum number of sources, but at least 7. Also, the fertilizers -nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, may be combined into one group, "fertilizers."