Scholars are expected to produce a typed essay complete with bibliography

Scholars are expected to produce a typed essay complete with bibliography (6-10 page) of their proposed chapter and film of your choice. You may select any chapter from our text as well as any film that we have analyzed. Student’s full name should be typed on the essay in the upper left corner of your first page.

Please use Times New Roman font #12 and double spaced. Also, in your title please specify which chapter and film you are writing on. The goal here is to connect a chapter from our text and a film that we have reviewed to structure your projects on.For example: My group will be presenting on chapter 6 using the film, The Trials of Darryl Hunt to frame our project. Our primary focus will be on crime and deviance

. We will be analyzing its sociological impact on poor people, and communities of color. Scholars will be graded on the: Overall flow and organization of the essay. Your ability to convey the main points of your chapter and connect them to a film. Your ability to apply the social concepts (5) discussed within your chapter. Use at least on theoretical perspective (Conflict, Symbolic, or Functionalism).

Your ability to incorporate C. Wright Mill’s concept of the Sociological Imagination into your discussion. Your ability to summarize the overall experience of your project. Bibliography (at least 5 sources). Guidelines for Essay: Highlight the main focus of your chapter and Film (Topic). Connect your film to a chapter (The trials of Darryl Hunt and Chapter 6). Discuss several(at least 5) key concepts offered within your chapter Alienation, Deviance, Differential Justice, Culture etc…). Borrow from at least one of the three major theoretical concepts as discussed in class or outlined in your chapter. (Conflict, Symbolic Interaction, Structural Functionalism). All essays must connect their work to C. Wright Mill’s and his concept the Sociological Imagination. Summarize the overall experience of y our project : (Example) Explain why you selected the chapter and film in which you wrote on. Tell me why your topic is important (to both you and society). Tell how did you all feel about taking ownership of the selected material. Express how you were able to be open and objective to other views, experiences, and perspectives that may differ from your own. APA or MLA style bibliography with at least 5 sources (our text counts as 1). Pictures at bottom is chapter 3 Film “Geronimo and the Apache Resistance”